by eaglehaslanded

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our first demo done by our friend.


released August 28, 2012



all rights reserved


eaglehaslanded Санкт Петербург, Russian Federation

we started and we won't stop.

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Track Name: thanks for breakfast
show yourself to me
Track Name: empty box
living with wolves,they sharp my teeth
sleeping with snakes,they make my soul cold
it is all same to me,
mankind is not what it used to be.
there are no consequences when you are living in the box,walking in circles,waiting to end your so called life.
no sleep,never ending nightmare.
will you survive the trip you are heading to?
or you are just standing in one place?
you are nothing,just a germ in my dirty mouth!
Track Name: fat tony wants you dead again
there is no god,there are no violins to play sad songs,there is no you,there are no we,we are the history.take mo to the history,mistakes were made by both sides,victims or winners does it matter,black hole in the horizon will bury us together,we will be forever.walking on my own through this evil streets searching for change,you could make me change,from better to worse,from flying bird to dead could change me,from better to worse,from flying bird to dead horse.change me.
Track Name: while listening radio through the amp
пустые слова наполняют этy комнату кровью
я знал, што эти стены убьют меня
ждал ответа много лет,
но моя судьба не пришла
утопился в мыслях о лучшей жизни
сохранил этот момент для меня,навсегда
не убежал, но остался один
покой в душе исчезнул навсегда
Track Name: afterlife crisis
no emotions,brainwashed again.i am not making my own future,it has already been written.don't try make my day better by giving me this pills,with them my life is not real.where are your parents when you are watching this circus of freaks and fake believes?don't try to convince me that they are here.smiling all the time no bad news only better future for all of us,hate your friends ,hate them to death because there is no friends here,only stabbers at the back waiting for you to lay down and give up,so they could slaughter you and time is up.stay true with your beliefs and follow those sun lights until your end.